Tournament Date: Third Sunday of every month @1pm
Welcome to the 1up Colfax Monthly Pinball Tournament. This tournament is open for everybody who likes pinball!
10$ entry fee. FREE ENTRY FOR FIRST TIME PARTICIPANTS in this tournament. Bring all your friends! 100% payout to the top 4.
We will run the tournament on MatchPlay.
NOTE ABOUT MATCH PLAY: PLEASE sign up for a free MatchPlay account and "claim yourself." This will take 3 minutes tops and if you can do this BEFORE signing up on Sunday. You'll need to have your IFPA number on hand.
So go to and create an account if you don't already have one. Then follow the prompts to "claim player." Use your IFPA player number to verify the player you are claiming is you. Find your IFPA player number by searching for yourself here: and clicking on your player profile. ===================================
Qualifications format: Match play Head 2 Head, Double Round Robin. Groups will be formed based on IFPA rankings. The tournament participants are divided up into groups of around 6 people where everybody in the group play each other twice on games “drawn from a hat”, best of 1 game. That is typically something like 10 matches per person and should take 4 hours. Playoffs: Bracket. 12 players (or around top 25% per group from qualifications) advances to playoffs. 4-player group matches. 3 games per match. Top 2 per group advances until a 4-player final is played. The number of groups, players per group and number of players advancing to playoffs may change depending on the total number of participants.
PAPA/IFPA rules will be used for rulings.
Any questions, comments or late arrivals, please let us know!